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Revolutionize wind turbine blade monitoring and maintenance with REN-AI, our advanced AI solution

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“This solution helps us to generate in average 0,5% to 1% more in AEP per turbine, while we can reduce our maintenance costs for rotor blades by 10%. Additionally it eliminates a lot of manual work and speeds up the process significantly."

Navigating the challenges of wind turbine maintenance just became easier.

With our cutting-edge AI solution, monitor rain erosion damages on rotor blades with unparalleled accuracy.

REN-AI uses advanced object detection systems to detect, classify and measure rain erosion damages consistently accross all inspection images of your entire fleet.

Automated, reliable, consistent assessment of damages, for improved turbine performance and optimized maintenance costs.


“This solution makes us independent from inspection service companies. We get precize and exact assessments of rain erosion damages accross multiple platforms."

Easy integration with your existing systems

REN-AI seamlessly integrates with your current infrastructure, ensuring a hassle-free transition and immediate results.

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Why Choose Our AI Solution for Your Wind Turbines?

  • Consistent Damage Assessments: Get uniform and consistent damage evaluations across your entire fleet. Say goodbye to varied human interpretations, and hello to AI-backed precision.

  • Detailed Measurements: Not only does our solution detect and classify the damages, but it also measures the affected area down to the square centimetre. This granular data enables a deeper understanding of the wear and tear your turbines endure.

  • Informed Decisions: Empower your maintenance teams with actionable insights. Determine the urgency, prioritize repairs, and streamline maintenance campaigns, all based on quantifiable data.

  • AEP Loss Estimations: Beyond just detecting damages, our solution provides the basis to estimate of the Annual Energy Production (AEP) loss caused by rain erosion damages. This enables a holistic approach to assessing the impact on turbine efficiency and profitability.

  • Eliminate time consuming work for the assessment of images by a fully digital and accurate solution which delivers precize results in seconds.

Benefits of Integrating REN-AI:

  • Save Time & Costs: Efficiently assess inspection images, focusing repair campaigns, reducing manual work, downtime and operational costs.

  • Extend Turbine Life: Early and precise detection and evaluation of damages helps in extending the lifespan of your turbines.

  • Stay Informed: With regular monitoring, stay updated about the health of your rotor blades.

  • Maximize Efficiency: Preserve the optimal functioning of your wind turbines, ensuring maximum energy output.

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